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About Love to Nippon Project:

A Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami survivor, Masako Unoura‐Tanaka, founded the Love to Nippon Project in 2011. Masako resides in Los Angeles and Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture Japan.

She was visiting her mother’s hometown of Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture when the earthquake and tsunami struck on March 11.

Together with the full support of Doug Erber, president of JASSC, Unoura‐Tanaka created the Love to Nippon Project with the heartfelt goal of commemorate the disaster each year for ten years, and to work to establish “3.11” as an official day of disaster preparedness.

Love To Nippon Supporters:

Mission Statements:

We, Love to Nippon Project along with supporters, have the following goals:

We will never forget the Great East Japan Earthquakes and Tsunami by meeting and praying every year around March 11 at LAPD Headquarters for ten years.

We will continue prayers and dialogues among the participants & children, especially to share the lessons learned from the March 11 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

We will support efforts to train ourselves for future natural disasters by sharing & educating our community including each household, schools and workplaces, making 3.11 the official Earthquake and Tsunami Training Day for Los Angles and Southern California.

Love to Nippon Project


  1. 1.To honor the lives lost, and the survivors and friends and family forever affected by Japan’s worst natural disaster.

2. To support the recovery and rebuilding efforts in the devastated regions.

3. To send love and prayers from the people of Southern California to the people of Japan.


For the past four years, the Love to Nippon Project held the largest 3.11 memorial event outside of Japan. Southern California is home to more Japanese citizens, more Japanese Americans and more Japanese ties to Japan in the United States. Accordingly, the residents of Southern California continue to respond and support those affected by Japan’s worst natural disaster.


The Love to Nippon Project held its memorial event on a Sunday closest to March 11 at the LAPD Headquarter in downtown Los Angeles for first three years since 2012. In 2015, it was held at the Japanese American National Museum. Over 1500 participants gathered to pray and to reflect. Love to Nippon 2016 will be returning to LAPD HQs on March 6, 2016.


  1. 1.To continue the Love to Nippon Memorial Event every March until 2021 at LAPD HQs to learn and share the need for natural disaster preparedness

2. Work to establish March 11th as an official California state‐wide natural disaster preparedness training day.

“Earthquake and Tsunami Training Day”

3. To promote natural disaster training between first responders in Southern California and the disaster affected regions of Tohoku, Japan.

Next Love To Nippon Event:

March in 2017 in Los Angeles, California, USA

On the 5th anniversary of 3.11 the Love to Nippon Project and members of its Honorary Committee, will share the journey, recovery progress to date, and disseminate lessons learned from the experience.