Masako Unoura-Tanaka :

     Masako Unoura-Tanaka was born in Tokyo and spent her childhood in the countryside of Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture and Sendai. Miyago Prefecture. Her awareness for environmental issues began during her college years at International Christian University in Tokyo where she remembers an environmentally friendly campus, with a lot of trees and quaint surroundings, seeing little animals playing peacefully. ICU also encouraged an international outlook, leading her to study abroad in the Philippines during her third year, despite her parents’ concerns. She says, “I have known Korean and Chinese people at ICU, but I wanted to go further. I wanted to meet other Asian people and as a Christian, wanted to meet other Asian Christians.” Masako also spent one year as a Rotary International Exchange student in Dallas, Oregon, USA during her senior high school year.

Before her marriage to Ted Tokio Tanaka, FAIA, Masako worked as Project Manager on the Zero Emissions Initiative at United Nations University (UNU), and UNU/Initiative of Advanced Studies in Tokyo for over ten years. She has been instrumental in providing seminars and lectures, lobbying policy-makers and CEOS’s of the private sector regarding waste management, specifically promoting more effective use of natural resources and reuse of the industrial wastes and materials.

She has held many notable positions in business, but brings her environmental concerns back to how human beings can live in harmony with nature. Masako's ultimate goal is to demonstrate her vision to the world. For five years, she was Environmental Management Producer for the Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition, with the theme of Shizen no Eichi, or “Nature’s Wisdom”. Masako was instrumental in creating sustainable ideas for the Expo.

Following her marriage and moving to Los Angeles, Masako has been living in Marina Del Rey and works as the Director of Environmental Management at her husband’s architectural firm, Ted Tokio Takana Architects (TTTA) located near Los Angeles International Airport.  She enjoys commuting past LAX daily with her husband, each day seeing TTTA’s installation of colorful glass pylon structures at the gateway of the airport, not only a huge project the firm completed, but a landmark for the airport ad the city, expressing the cultural diversity of the Los Angeles and aviation.

Because of what she went through on March 11, 2011 in Tohoku, Japan, Masako is the founder of Love To Nippon Project in Los Angeles to support the Tohoku areas as one of the tsunami survivors in Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture. She also formed the supporting organization in Ofunato in March 28 after the Tsunami as well to receive and coordinate the volunteers around the world assisting many ways to the devastated areas.

She is also active in numerous organizations in Los Angeles including Japan America Society of Southern California, Nichibei Fujin-Kai, Asia America Symphony Association (AASA), the Japan Business Association of Southern California (JBA) as well as a member of the ICU Southern California Alumni Chapter. She was the Rotary International Exchange Student during 1972-73 at Dallas Public High School in Oregon as well as the Club of Rome Junior Japanese Representative in 1980s.

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